As nurses and patient advocates, we know how critical safe patient limits are to Pennsylvania communities. Research shows that safe staffing reduces infections and errors, increases nurse retention, improves outcomes, and saves lives. But many nurses in PA are still assigned 1-2 patients over the recommended levels.

Through our work with Nurses of PA, we have built more support for setting legally required safe patient limits than ever before: 37% of Representatives in the State House have already cosponsored our bill, and 46% of State Senators — both Republicans and Democrats. The Governor has repeatedly pledged to sign safe patient limits into law if our bills pass the legislature. And we’re growing every day! We are further than ever before to making safe staffing a reality for Pennsylvania hospitals.

However, there are two people in the state who could stop the fight for safe patient limits dead in our tracks: the Chairs of the House & Senate Healthcare Committees.

Here’s the kicker: they are both our neighbors up here in the Northwestern part of the state. In fact, there’s a place where the most important Representative’s and most important Senator’s districts overlap.

We want to put up a safe patient limits billboard in their districts to put public pressure on Rep. Kathy Rapp and Sen. Michelle Brooks and to raise awareness about our fight, but we need your help to raise some funds to do it.

We’ve been working hard up here in the Northwest to get them on board with our legislation. We’ve met with both Chairs this year, and they have indicated a willingness to hold hearings on staffing in their respective Healthcare Committees. That’s huge! We’ve never gotten that far before, and it’s a really important step in moving our bills out of committee for a vote in the legislature. However, they haven’t actually scheduled the hearings yet.

We need to raise $2,000 by June 23rd to put up a safe patient limits billboard in their districts by the time they return home for the summer recess. We’ve crowdfunded five safe patient limits billboards before, and they’ve been key to building support among legislators so far. But we need your help to keep up the momentum to win for our patients and profession. Please give what you can to help us reach our goal, and share this page with your friends, family, coworkers, and any others who care about this issue.

Thank you! Eileen Kelly, RN (Sheffield, PA)
Kim Aldrich, RN (Erie, PA)

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