Nurses across Pennsylvania are uniting to advocate for safe staffing, quality care, and a voice for nurses in the decisions about our patients and profession.

Our experience as frontline nurses, teaches us that our laws and lawmakers have a great impact on the health of our patients and on the kind of care we deliver. And right now, too many of them aren’t with us. Though we didn’t train to be advocates in politics, we know that patient advocacy means speaking up everywhere decisions about healthcare and nursing are being made.

Learn about our Nurse Priorities for the 2022 elections.

As nurses, we all want to safely provide high-quality care that meets our patients’ needs.

However, healthcare CEOs and the politicians they have paid for are making care decisions for patients while keeping our facilities understaffed. We must come together in this election to demand safe staffing, the freedom for patients to get the care they need, and a voice in all decisions affecting us and our patients.

If we do unite to extend our patient advocacy from the bedside to the ballot in this election, we can make an impact. That’s 262,000 nurses registered to vote in Pennsylvania. That’s 3% of all the registered voters in Pennsylvania, and that 3% has been rated the nation’s most trusted profession for 20 years straight.

We believe that nurses want to know how the candidates stand on our Nurse Priorities, whether those in office have stood with us, and whether those asking for the public trust to take office say they’ll support us. If we can share the Nurse Priorities Election Scorecard with every nurse in Pennsylvania and discuss with nurses where the candidates stand, nurses will make a big impact in this election.

We’re asking for your help to reach out to nurses across the state by making phone calls and sending texts. You can click here to sign up to help with this campaign and we’ll follow up, and you can also go ahead and check the list of upcoming events and sign up for any that work for you.

Check the 2022 Nurse Priorities Election Scorecard

We scored every candidate for Pennsylvania House, Senate, and Governor according to our Nurse Priorities. You can check the scorecard to see how the candidates asking for your vote fared on the scorecard.

Join our campaign to share the Scorecard with every nurse in PA!

In this election, we’ll be working to share this Scorecard with every nurse in Pennsylvania. We’ll need your help in order to make that happen!

Check the list of upcoming events

Check our events calendar for details about upcoming events in our campaign to share the Scorecard with nurses across PA and any other events! The event list will include links to RSVP forms to get dial-in information for remote events, and any other important information.

Our Fight for Safe Staffing in Pennsylvania

Safe Staffing in Pennsylvania’s Hospitals

Hospital care is in crisis. With fewer nurses, less ancillary staff, more patients, sicker patients, more paperwork, and record-high levels of burnout and turnover – now more than ever, it is nearly impossible for nurses to provide quality care. It’s not safe for our patients, and we’re not ready to risk our licenses or your loved ones’ lives any longer.

We call on legislators to recognize this crisis, co-sponsor the Patient Safety Act (HB 106 / Senate Bill 240) for safe staffing in PA’s hospitals, and to give nurses and patients the respect and safety we deserve.

Sign our petition if you agree.

Safe Staffing in Pennsylvania’s Nursing Homes

We have take a historic step toward safe staffing in nursing homes! The PA Department of Health announced a proposal to update the staffing standard to nursing homes to require 4.1 hours of direct care per patient per day, up from the paltry 2.7 hours required by our regulations that haven’t been updated in 25 years.

We’ve never been this close to winning safe staffing for nursing homes, but we haven’t won yet. This is a step in a review process before this regulation could take effect, but it’s a big step.

Below, you can find a summary of where we are in the review process, and what’s to come. We just completed a 30 day public comment period where advocates submitted over 5,600 comments in support of 4.1!

Nurses are united in our support for the Patient Safety Act.

COVID didn’t create this problem, it exposed a crisis that was already there.

About Nurses of Pennsylvania

Nurses of Pennsylvania is an organization of, by and for nurses focused on improving the beside care nurses provide. PA nurses work in cities and small towns, at large hospitals, in nursing homes and more – tied together by their commitment to their patients, their families and their communities. United for quality care, Nurses of Pennsylvania is focused on leading the state to a healthcare system that puts patients first.

Breaking Point: Pennsylvania’s Patient Care Crisis

We surveyed 1,000 nurses who work in hospitals, schools, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care and more — from Scranton to Erie to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia — and the results show a clear crisis in patient care with nurses spending less time at the bedside, chronic understaffing, and high turnover.

Sign the petition for safe staffing

Read the 2020 Nurse Values Survey Report