We’ve made historic progress advocating for safe patient limits!
We’re just getting started.

Together, we are building a powerful grassroots movement, organizing and advocating for safe patient limits and a stronger voice for nurses in healthcare. 

Nurses of Pennsylvania started in the summer of 2017 with a handful of nurses fed up with Pennsylvania’s staffing and patient care crisis and the politicians who do nothing about it. Since then, we’ve made hundreds of visits to our legislators, put on PA’s first-ever Safe Staffing Summit, delivered 10k petitions to the Capitol in an ambulance, crowdfunded billboards, and helped elect pro-safe staffing candidates. In so doing, we have garnered more support for safe patient limits legislation than ever before, and we’re just getting started.

With the power of thousands of nurses banding together to make our patient advocacy louder and more impactful, we are making clear that nurses are a political force that can no longer be ignored, and we’re making historic progress in the fight for safe patient limits.

Pennsylvania is in a patient-care crisis in both hospitals and nursing homes, driven by unprecedented short-staffing.

Nurses across the state are being assigned more and more patients as staffing levels drop. At the same time, patient cases are increasingly serious and complex. Patients are at risk and nurses frustrated, injured, and burned out are leaving the profession.

Study after study has shown that when nurses have too many patients, more patients die, and all the research and surveys will tell you, Pennsylvania nurses have too many patients and it’s getting worse.

In hospitals, we need legislation to set safe patient limits in our hospitals, and nurses must be on the frontlines of determining those limits. Senate Bill 450 and House Bill 867 do exactly this.

Pennsylvania nursing homes only require 2.7 hours of direct care per resident per 24 hours. We need to raise that to 4.1 hours, as experts and caregivers have recommended for many years. We’re calling for this to happen through an adjustment in the existing regulations, which haven’t been updated in over a decade.

If you’re ready to take action here’s 3 things you can do next:

  1. Sign our petition for safe patient limits in hospitals and nursing homes to tell your legislator we need safe patient limits, and to get added to our email and text updates on our work and how to get involved.
  2. Contribute to help fund our movement. We’ll never outspend the healthcare corporation lobbyists, but we don’t need to. We simply need enough resources to help make the voices of thousands of nurses louder than their money.
  3. Take the 2020 Nurse Voter Values Survey to help determine our nurse voter values so we can grade candidates running for office, let nurses and voters know where they stand, and determine who we should support in this important election.

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Why Nurses are Coming Together:

Breaking Point: Pennsylvania’s Patient Care Crisis

We surveyed 1,000 nurses who work in hospitals, schools, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care and more — from Scranton to Erie to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia — and the results show a clear crisis in patient care with nurses spending less time at the bedside, chronic understaffing, and high turnover.

About Nurses of Pennsylvania

Nurses of Pennsylvania is an organization of, by and for nurses focused on improving the beside care nurses provide. PA nurses work in cities and small towns, at large hospitals, in nursing homes and more – tied together by their commitment to their patients, their families and their communities. United for quality care, Nurses of Pennsylvania is focused on leading the state to a healthcare system that puts patients first.

Take the 2020 Nurse Voter Values Survey

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Find research and other resources on safe staffing laws.