Our Plan to Win Safe Patient Limits for PA

On November 6th, 90% of all state legislators in PA are up for re-election.
1 in 50 people in PA is a nurse: right now, legislators and candidates need us. This is the best time to win their support for safe staffing ratio laws.

Fundraising and recruitment drive til Aug 21st

  • 500+ nurses pledge to join a lobby visit to their candidate.
  • 100+ nurses give $25/month to the Safe Staffing Fighting Fund.

Get candidates to say whose side they’re on by Oct 1st

  • On Aug 2nd we sent a written questionnaire to every candidate.
  • In Sept 17-21 nurses visit 100 candidates in statewide lobby week.

Elect candidates who support safe ratios on Nov 6th

  • We tell nurse voters by phone, mail, ads: how to vote for safe ratios.
  • This is why we need the Safe Staffing Fighting Fund.

Sign up to join a candidate lobby visit to win their support:

Sign up to contribute $25/month to the Safe Staffing Fighting Fund:

Why Nurses are Coming Together

Breaking Point: Pennsylvania’s Patient Care Crisis

We surveyed 1,000 nurses who work in hospitals, schools, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care and more — from Scranton to Erie to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia — and the results show a clear crisis in patient care with nurses spending less time at the bedside, chronic understaffing, and high turnover.

About Nurses of Pennsylvania

Nurses of Pennsylvania is an organization of, by and for nurses focused on improving the beside care nurses provide. PA nurses work in cities and small towns, at large hospitals, in nursing homes and more – tied together by their commitment to their patients, their families and their communities. United for quality care, Nurses of Pennsylvania is focused on leading the state to a healthcare system that puts patients first.

Nurses with Rep. Jim Marshall