Our Nurse Priorities for the 2024 Election

As Pennsylvania nurses, we are determined to advocate for our patients in our hospitals in the upcoming election.

We all want to safely provide high-quality care that meets our patients’ needs. However, healthcare CEOs and the politicians they have paid for are making care decisions for patients while keeping our facilities understaffed.

That is why we are coming together to demand safe staffing, the freedom for patients to get the care they need, and a voice in all decisions affecting us and our patients.


Our Nurse Priorities

Pass safe staffing standards for nurses and patients

From Boylestown to Beaver, Pennsylvanians of all races, backgrounds, and genders rely on our healthcare facilities to keep us safe when we’re sick. But healthcare CEOs more interested in driving up profits than providing quality healthcare have created a catastrophic staffing crisis, burning out nurses and endangering patients. For too long, these healthcare industry executives have convinced a few politicians in the Pennsylvania General Assembly to block safe staffing in PA. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Together, we can elect leaders who will pass safe staffing standards so every nurse has a safe assignment and every patient in Pennsylvania can access the high-quality care they deserve.

Guarantee access to all forms of healthcare

As nurses, we should be able to deliver life-saving care patients need regardless of the situation, and everyone should have the freedom to decide whether and when they have children. But with Supreme Court justices overturning Roe v. Wade and the Pennsylvania General Assembly threatening to ban abortion in our state, some extremist politicians are out to destroy our freedoms, and radically change or even criminalize the care we provide to our patients. Together, we must elect leaders that support nurses, protect the care our patients need, and defend the ability for everyone to make the decisions that are right for their families.

Stop scapegoating nurses for a crisis CEOs created

As nurses, we all advocate and care for our patients, but healthcare executives and some politicians want to divide us into “good” or “bad” nurses rather than give us the staff and resources we need to provide the highest quality of care. Together, we must make sure that no nurse loses their license or faces discipline for the crisis CEOs have created. We must elect leaders that will protect nurses like we have protected our communities.

Guarantee a voice for nurses everywhere decisions about our patients and profession are made

No matter where we come from or what we look like, as nurses we want to practice our profession the way we were trained and deliver compassionate, quality care to our patients. For too long healthcare executives and the politicians they pay for have called all the shots in healthcare and created the current workforce crisis. Together, we can make a future where nurses have a voice, strong unions, and a seat at every table where healthcare decisions are made, and where we can advocate for our patients and organize collectively without fear.

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