Tell your legislator: Support Safe Staffing in Pennsylvania

Patient care in Pennsylvania is in crisis.

Hospital care is in crisis. With fewer nurses, less ancillary staff, more patients, sicker patients, more paperwork, and record-high levels of burnout and turnover – now more than ever, it is nearly impossible for nurses to provide quality care. It’s not safe for our patients, and we’re not ready to risk our licenses or your loved ones’ lives any longer.

We call on legislators to recognize this crisis, co-sponsor the Patient Safety Act (HB 106 / Senate Bill 240) for safe staffing in PA’s hospitals, and to give nurses and patients the respect and safety we deserve.

Nursing home care is in crisis. Because of short staffing, caregivers are leaving the bedside in droves and many nursing homes are struggling to recruit and retain new employees. We are working double shifts and our facilities rely more and more on temporary agency staff. As a result, our residents are at risk.

We call on policy-makers to:

  • Increase the State Staffing Standard (from the current 2.7) to 4.1 hours of direct care per day per resident from nurses, aides, and other staff to make sure they are getting the time, care and attention they deserve; and
  • Require Medicaid increases for nursing homes to go directly to the bedside to pay for more staff, higher wages, affordable healthcare, and training programs to recruit and retain a strong workforce.

We know these changes can begin to solve the care crisis. We, the undersigned, are united to ensure safe staffing in hospitals and nursing homes, and to bring better care to the people of Pennsylvania.