As nurses, we all want to safely provide high-quality care that meets our patients’ needs. However, healthcare CEOs and the politicians they have paid for are making care decisions that put profits over our patients. We must come together in this election to demand safe staffing, the freedom for patients to get the care they need, and a voice in all decisions affecting us and our patients.

3% of the registered voters in Pennsylvania are nurses. Nurses have been rated the most trusted profession  in the country for 20 years straight. If enough nurses unite to use our votes as an extension of our patient advocacy, we can make a huge impact in November’s elections.

That is why we scored every candidate for Pennsylvania House, Senate, and Governor according to our priorities, so that every nurse in Pennsylvania has the information to know who stands with nurses and our values, and who doesn’t.

We’re excited to share with you the 2022 Nurse Priorities Election Scorecard: NursesOfPA.Org/Scorecard.

This tool will allow you and every other nurse to look up where the candidates asking for our votes stand on our priorities.

But we know that just putting this tool out into the world alone will not ensure everyone sees it, uses it, and uses the scores to help determine their vote. We’ll need your help with that.

Our goal from here through the November 8th Election is to get the help of as many nurses as possible in having conversations with as many other nurses as possible about the Scorecard.

After you take a look at the scorecard yourself, will you sign up to help us call and text nurses across Pennsylvania to share the Scorecard and ask them to vote for the candidates supporting our priorities?

Check the 2022 Nurse Priorities Election Scorecard!