Will you sign on to our safe staffing open letter to the people of Pennsylvania?

The open letter will be released publicly as full page ads in newspapers across PA once we reach a majority of support for the Patient Safety Act (HB 106) in the House.

Imagine the following letter as a full page ad in a major newspaper in your area with the first name, last name, and city of 500 nurses from the area signed on:

Keep reading for additional updates on our work towards safe staffing and a voice for nurses in the decisions about our patients.

Take Action: Help Call Nurses to Ask Them to Sign the Open Letter Too!

Join us to help call nurses and ask them to sign on to our open letter to Pennsylvania for safe staffing! We’ll begin with a training on the tool we’ll be using to make calls and the conversations we’ll have, and no experience is necessary.

Day: Wednesday, December 8th
Time: 5pm—8pm
How to join: Click here to RSVP for dial-in information

Please note that our calling tool does require a computer!

Update: House Republican Policy Committee Hearing.

On Wednesday, the House Republican Policy Committee held a hearing on the healthcare workforce crisis, featuring a panel of mostly industry spokespeople & hospital administrators.

Only one bedside nurse was allowed to testify.

To learn more about how the hearing went, click here to watch our press conference following the hearing with SEIU Healthcare PA, PASNAP, as well as Rep. Tom Mehaffie and Rep. KC Tomlinson the prime sponsors of the bill in the House.

Additionally, you can click here to watch the whole hearing.

Update: Community Canvassing in Key Districts

We are struggling, and we need the help of our communities, so we’ve been going door to door, store to store, all around, and asking friends, family, and neighbors in the districts of House Majority Leader Rep. Benninghoff and House Health Committee Chair Kathy Rapp, to ask people in their districts to tell them to pass the Patient Safety Act.

These two representatives are critical obstacles in our efforts to get the Patient Safety Act beyond the stage of languishing in the Health Committee for a fourth straight legislative session, so we wanted to make sure they see their constituents calling on them to pass the bill too.

Click here to watch a video about our recent canvassing in Rep. Benninghoff’s district to ask neighbors and businesses to put up yard signs and window signs and sign our community support petition.