On Thursday, over 400 nurses from across PA joined together to brainstorm ideas, ask questions, and talk through the key issues that must be a part of our Nurse Recovery Plan for PA that we’ll introduce on May 6th. We also discussed the overall organizing plan for Nurses Week and beyond. And we had a chance to talk about creative ways to step up the pressure on elected officials to do what’s right for our patients and our profession.

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Nurses Week is different this year. Every nurse knows that in Pennsylvania and across the country we have lost far too many patients, colleagues, friends, and neighbors to the pandemic. We lost them to the virus — but also to the inaction of elected leaders, that has failed to keep our families, friends, communities and us as frontline nurses safe in this moment of crisis. 

Nurses did our jobs. As frontline caregivers and patient advocates fighting COVID-19, we are proud of the work we’ve done to heal patients and to help keep people out of our hospitals. We’ll continue to be there for our patients and our communities. That’s what nurses do.

In this moment, being able to advocate for our patients means we need a say in Pennsylvania’s recovery plan. We’re trained to advocate for our patients and residents and for the health of our communities, and especially in a pandemic the decisions that impact our patients and everyone who would be our patients if politicians continue to ignore frontline caregivers, are being made in corporate boardrooms, Harrisburg, and DC.

It’s time to put patient and public health advocacy above partisan politics. It’s time for legislators to work with us to pass a Nurse Recovery Plan for PA. 

On the call we discussed the following beginning pieces of that developing platform, which we arrived at through 4,300 Voter Values Surveys, and multiple calls and discussions with hundreds of nurses. Below is a short outline. Each issue is a piece of a broader fight, and the beginning of a discussion to demand our legislators take the action nurses need, at our direction, with our input.

  • Adequate PPE now and stockpiled for the future
  • Widespread rapid testing and contact tracing
  • Paid sick time for every essential worker
  • Nurses must have a seat at every table where recovery plans are being made
  • Workplace protections for nurses advocating for our patients
  • Get people the healthcare they need, regardless of the money they have
  • We must take steps to ensure things never get this bad again

The details matter, and that’s why we’re demanding a seat at every table where the details are being worked out.

And of course, we won’t win any improvements if we don’t build power, organize, and speak out.

Here’s the plan for Nurses Week:


🚚Monday, May 4th: With your help, raised $1,400 to rent a digital billboard truck for 8 hours and drive it around to park outside the offices of legislators putting politics over our patient advocacy.

  • GOAL REACHED! Thank you to everyone who donated and shared for helping us to reach our goal in time! Look out for updates on the adventures of the truck.

📣Wednesday, May 6th at 4PM: Nurses Take Harrisburg: Virtual Rally for our Nurse Platform


📝Thursday, May 7th at 4PM: Nurses Week Legislative Briefing and Discussion

We have a real opportunity to shape care in this important moment. Thanks for stepping up, and look out for updates about the plan.


– Nurses of PA