Last week, more than a hundred nurses from across the state came together at our Safe Staffing Summit to launch the next phase of our campaign for safe patient limits. We have moved safe patient limits further than ever before in the state legislature, but we haven’t won yet, and we need your help! 

There are two things we’re asking every nurse in Pennsylvania to do:

  1. Make Our Voices Heard by connecting nurses who live in key districts directly to their State Senators on the Health Committee to move our safe patient limits bill forward.
  2. Become a Monthly Sustainer by making a monthly contribution to help fund our movement so that we have the resources to grow and power our movement to win safe patient limits in PA.

Make Our Voices Heard

Right now, there are 11 decision-makers in the state who will decide whether or not safe patient limits move forward: the Senate Health Committee. We’ve called on them to hold a hearing and move our bill out of committee for a vote in the Senate. But they keep telling us, over and over, “I need to hear from my constituents.” So that’s what we’re going to do: Connect nurses in those districts directly to their Senators. 

That’s why we’re organizing our Safe Patient Limits Senate Call-in Week from October 14th to October 18th. Please sign up to join as many of our online phone banks that week as possible.

We have this incredible tool that will call through hundreds of nurses in those districts, connect us with people who pick up the phone, and — with the click of a button — we can connect them directly to their Senator’s local office. We don’t have to waste time dialing dozens of numbers only to find that no one picks up. Our tool will connect you to nurses who pick up the phone, and, if they agree to make the call, you will be able to patch them through directly to their Senator. 

We will be hosting two online phone banks every day during our Safe Patient Limits Senate Call-in Week, from 11a-1p and from 4p-6p each day. Each shift will include a brief prep call (if it’s your first time using the calling tool), and will end with a 15-minute debrief.

Please sign up to join us for as many phone banks as you are able! 

Become a Monthly Sustainer

We have built the largest movement of nurses for safe patient limits in Pennsylvania history, and we need to keep fighting. None of this advocacy work would be possible without some resources to sustain and power our movement. 

Nurses of Pennsylvania has always been entirely nurse-funded. We need your help to continue our fight. Please sign up to be a Monthly Sustainer. 

Every contribution — and any monthly amount you can offer — matters! If we all chip in a little, together, we can build a nurse movement to win safe patient limits and more. 

Please sign up to become a Monthly Sustainer today!