Take Action Now! Sign the Petition to Improve Patient Care!

Patient care in Pennsylvania’s hospitals is in crisis.

That’s why we must pass The Patient Safety Act which will save lives, save hospitals money, and bring nurses back to the bedside to improve patient care!

With fewer nurses, less support staff, more and sicker patients, and record-high levels of burnout and turnover – it is nearly impossible for nurses to provide the quality patient care everyone deserves. Nurses aren’t ready to risk our licenses any longer.

We call on the Pennsylvania State Senate to follow the House’s lead when they stood up for patients and nurses and passed the Patient Safety Act (HB 106).

We urge our State Senators to co-sponsor, support and strongly advocate for legislation to implement safe staffing in our hospitals and set minimum safety standards so that nurses can feel safe returning to the bedside. 

We must continue to work together in a bipartisan manner.  We were inspired when House Democrats were joined by 19 Republicans, who decided to put aside partisan politics, and cast a historic vote to pass the Patient Safety Act   (HB 106) to save lives, save money, and bring nurses back to the bedside.       

We know this legislation will help solve the short staffing crisis in our hospitals.