The following are some resources to support your grassroots organizing for safe patient limits!

Safe Patient Limits for Nursing Homes:

  • Nursing home and hospitals are regulated differently under the law, so our path to safe patient limits will look different! We took a lot of time to figure out the best policy path to safe patient limits in nursing homes, and we have just launched our campaign, so we’ll be working on developing more resources on this fight to fill out this section.
  • Our 11 page lobby visit packet with tools for you and materials to give to legislators has the demands we have for nursing home staffing, what we’re asking them to do, who we are, and evidence on why safe patient limits will work and save lives. Click here to download and print the lobby visit packet.
  • Our petition also now has our demands for staffing in nursing homes which you can read, sign, and share here.

Safe Patient Limits for Hospitals:

Additional Research:

  • Here’s our 2016 Breaking Point Report, which surveyed 1,000 Pennsylvania nurses on the state of staffing, burnout, and turnover in Pennsylvania, and found based on Pennsylvania Department of Labor reports, our survey, and nursing school graduation trends that Pennsylvania does not have a nursing shortage. We have a shortage of nurses willing work under current conditions.
  • Here’s a two-page summary of some of the research on the link between staffing ratios, patient mortality, costs, and the nursing workforce.
  • Here’s an extensive list of research resources from NursesTakeDC.

This graphic shows the safe patient limits that House Bill 867 / Senate Bill 450 that the bill would set for hospitals: