The 2020 Nurse Values Survey Report is a report on what issues matter most to nurses and what nurses want to see their legislators working on. The report is based upon more than 4,300 nurses’ responses to Nurses of Pennsylvania and Nurse Alliance of SEIU PA’s 2020 Nurse Voter Values Survey, conducted from February through April of this year. 

Quick Overview:

  • 95% of respondents believe healthcare is becoming more profit driven than patient driven
  • 85% of nurses feel less able to affect decisions that impact the care they provide
  • Asked to rate the importance of legislators taking action on the following issues on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the most important:
    • 93% gave a “5” to  legislators taking action on safe patient limits legislation
    • 93% also gave a “5” to  legislators taking action to address workplace safety
    • 92% gave a “5” to legislators taking action to ensure a respected voice for bedside nurses at work and in the legislature in the decisions that affect our profession and ability to deliver safe care”
    • 86% gave a “5” to legislators taking action to ensure affordable access to quality care for patients and residents
  • Twice as many working nurses said the response of workplace and legislative leaders to the pandemic was worse than adequate as said that response was better than adequate.