About Us

Nurses of Pennsylvania is a non-profit organization of, by and for nurses focused on improving the bedside care nurses provide. PA nurses work in cities and small towns, at large hospitals, in nursing homes and more—tied together by their commitment to their patients, their families and their communities. United for quality care, Nurses of Pennsylvania is focused on leading the state to a healthcare system that gives nurses a seat at the decision-making table and puts patients first.

Our Mission

Nurses of Pennsylvania is an organization of, by and for nurses focused on improving the bedside care nurses provide. Pennsylvania nurses work in cities and small towns, at large hospitals, in nursing homes and more—yet we’re tied together by our patients, our families, and communities. We want to lead the state to a healthcare system that puts patients first.

Since launching this summer, over ten thousand nurses have joined our organization and taken action with Nurses of Pennsylvania, both online and in-person. Nurses are organizing and speaking out like never before, particularly around the issue of safe staffing for our patients.

Why Now

As nurses, we are used to trying to do more with less, but there is only so far we can all stretch. Giant corporations and multi-million-dollar executives are too often calling all the shots in healthcare, and they are focused on profits over patients. When your health is on the line, it is not the time to cut corners and pinch pennies.

The time to raise nurse voices is now. We know that there are better ways to prioritize patient care and so we’ve come together as Nurses of Pennsylvania.

Why Nurses

Nurses are the single biggest group of people in the healthcare system. We spend the most time with our patients, and are the people who they see and interact with most. We provide most of the care that patients receive, and our priority is always our patients’ well-being first, money second. We are the most respected profession in America for the last 15 years in a row, and we live in every county in the state. If anyone has the power and the motivation to fix healthcare in this country, it is nurses together, and if we can do it in Pennsylvania then we can do it anywhere.

How We Work

Nurses of Pennsylvania is a nonprofit governed by a volunteer board of nurses and healthcare advocates who steer the overall direction of our work. Our nurse board drives day-to-day decisions and leads the fight for safe staffing and better patient care, with input from the thousands of nurses participating in our movement.

Initial funding for our group came from union nurses in SEIU HCPA and our work is sustained by the time and energy volunteered by nurses across the state – bedside nurses with multiple unions, associations or none at all, including nurse managers, students and instructors.

Our Board of Directors:

Antoinette Kraus, Executive Director of Public Health Access Network:

Antoinette Kraus currently serves as founding Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN). Since joining PHAN in 2008 Kraus has helped grow the Pennsylvania Health Access Network into the state’s largest consumer driven organization.

Jake Reese, RN at Regional Hospital:

Jake Reese is a registered nurse at Regional Hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He currently works in the Cardiac Telemetry unit where patients are acutely ill and require continuous cardiac monitoring.

Jill Kochman, RN at Allegheny Center for Digestive Health:

Jill Kochman has worked in nursing since 2004, starting her career at the Allegheny Valley Hospital and West Penn Hospital, and moving to Allegheny Center for Digestive Health. At Allegheny Valley Hospital, Jill served as the Coordinator of Quality Affairs, helping to ensure that the hospital offered the highest standard of patient care.

Alex Rendina RN

Alex Rendina RN, MSN, CMSRN has been practicing all areas of nursing in several different Pennsylvania hospitals. He has served on the SEIU Nurse Alliance of Pennsylvania and has been working towards legislation to improve nursing ratios for all Pennsylvania nurses in all areas of healthcare from long-term care to acute care. Currently, he has been working as an assistant professor of nursing preparing future nurses to fulfill the current and continuing shortage in professional nursing care.

Susan McCarthy RN

Susan McCarthy retired from nursing after working for 36 years in a variety of positions at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA.  She mostly worked as a critical care nurse and was a certified neuroscience registered nurse.   She also held positions in management, legal and patient injury prevention consulting, education, and documentation improvement. Over her career, she worked with many nurses to improve patient safety and nurse working conditions, including the elimination of mandatory overtime. She became a member of Nurses of Pennsylvania to join thousands of nurses across PA to come together to advocate for and pass legislation for safe nurse staffing.