Meet Your Legislator Guide

On this page you will find:

1. Find a time to have a virtual meeting with your legislator + let us know!

When you email/call your representative’s office, state your name, that you are a constituent, say why you’re asking for a visit, suggest a meeting date within a week’s time. Click here if you need to look up your legislators or their contact information, and you can click here to check if your legislators have signed on to support the nurse platform yet.

“Hi my name is Jane Doe, I am a constituent of Representative Brown and a nurse organizing with a grassroots group of nurses advocating around Pennsylvania’s Recovery Plan. We are looking to meet with Rep Brown to update him on the Covid-19 pandemic, give him a sense of how things have been going, and to talk about our Nurse Plan for PA’s Recovery. When are they free next week for a virtual meeting with nurses from their district?”

When you confirm, get the date and time, and let them know that we are scheduling these through Zoom. Ask if they are familiar, and say that we can follow up with details about how-to video into our meeting.

Then make sure to let us know the date and time of your meeting, as well as who it’s with by emailing us at info@nursesofpa.org so we can set up the Zoom meeting for you.

It is important to remember that scheduling a meeting with your legislator may take persistence and a follow up call every 2 days, however, if they do not schedule a meeting with you it’s important to move to the next step in the 6 Step Guide to get your Elected Official to Advocate with us for our Nurse Platform.

2. Recruit other nurses in your area to join you for your lobby visit.

The bigger the meeting the more seriously we will be taken! You will want to make sure to let us know when you’ve scheduled a meeting so we can provide you with the tools you need to have other nurses join you. You will want to start with asking your friends and coworkers to join you. We will add the scheduled meeting to our website and can send you a list of nurses in your district for you to call or text and ask to join you.

3. Download our legislative information sheet with materials for you, information, and bill numbers to share with legislators.

The legislative information sheet has details about the platform, bill numbers for accompanying legislation, what we’re asking for, who we are, and why nurses need to have a say in The Nurse Plan for Pennsylvania’s Recovery.

Click here to download the PDF of our legislative information sheet.

4. Hold the meeting.

See below for a detailed set of talking points and tips for a lobby meeting.

5. Take a picture.

Take a picture to share with their constituents showing your legislator has met with Nurses! (Yup, a picture of your computer screen and the zoom meeting.) Email the picture to share share@nursesofpa.org with the subject line: “Rep/Senator [Your Legislator’s Name Here] Lobby Visit”.

6. Let us know how it went!

E-mail info@nursesofpa.org to share how the meeting with your legislator went. Let us know what stories you told, if the legislator agreed to sign on to the #nurseplatform, and what follow-up we need to take with them.

7. Send an email to follow up.

You can use the template follow up email below.


Lobby Visit Structure

Introduce yourself: Name, where you’re from, how long have you been a nurse?

Share your Story: Why is the Nurse Plan for PA’s Recovery important to you? What struggles do you face as a nurse? How has the COVID crisis affected your work?

Claim your Power: I along with my colleagues and the thousands of healthcare professionals in your district want to be sure that we have what we need to support our patients and residents.

Ask specific questions: Here’s your checklist
(You can screenshare nursesofpa.org/nurseplatform show your legislator)

  • Will you cosponsor Senator’s Collet’s legislation (SCO1553) and similar bills to ensure that healthcare professionals have ongoing access to adequate PPE and that we invest in PPE stockpiles?
  • Will you support a budget in November that includes resources for rapid testing and contact tracing?
  • Will you consult nurses like me when making decisions surrounding Pennsylvania’s Recovery Plan and the future of healthcare in Pennsylvania?
  • Will you co-sponsor paid sick leave legislation for every essential worker (HB2391 & SB1109, or HCO3541)?
  • Will you support legislation to give all Pennsylvanians access to essential care?
  • Will you cosponsor H867 and SB450 for safe patient limits so we never put our patients’ and residents’ lives at risk again?
  • Will you cosponsor legislation for nurse loan forgiveness HCO3440, to ensure that we have a pipeline for new nurses into the workforce?

Ask for follow up: How can I follow up with you to hear your progress on these issues?


Template Follow Up Email

You can use the template below. Just be sure to change the highlighted text!


Thank you for making the time to speak with us to talk about how healthcare professionals can be at the center of Pennsylvania’s recovery plan.

I’ve listed the core priorities we discussed below, which you can view in more detail in our info sheet by clicking here:

– Adequate PPE now and for the future.
– Widespread rapid testing and contact tracing.
– Paid sick time for every essential worker.
– Nurses must have a seat at every table where recovery plans are being made.
– Workplace protections for nurses advocating for our patients.
– Get people the healthcare they need, regardless of the money they have.
– We must take steps to ensure things never get this bad again.

Here are the concrete steps we would like for you to take:

– Fill out the #NursePlatform legislative sign-on!
– Share what you heard on social media!
– Co Sponsor for HB2391/SB1109 for Paid Sick Leave
– Co Sponsor HB867/SB450 for Safe Patient Limits
– Cosponsor SCO1553 for essential PPE
– I will co-sponsor legislation for nurse loan forgiveness HCO3440

Please feel free to reach out to me by phone at YOUR NUMBER HERE to follow up or if you have any questions.



Ready to organize a meeting with your legislators?