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Tell your legislator: Support Safe Staffing in Pennsylvania

Hi, my name’s Shannon, and I’m a nurse in Scranton. I became a nurse because I wanted to help people. But when I get on the floors, what I actually do is barely survive my shifts.

Imagine your mother is one of my 5 patients, and all of a sudden she feels she can’t breathe and can’t find the call bell. I might not get to see her for over an hour. Between medications to administer, wound dressings to change, people who needed help to the bathroom, doctors to call, questions from family members, and charting I am legally compelled to complete, it’s not possible.

How would you feel in that situation? How do you think I would feel? When good nurses go home at night feeling like bad nurses because they can’t help their patients the way they wanted to, something is terribly wrong.

That’s why I’m signing this petition to demand safe staffing laws for our patients. We are strong when we are united. We have untapped power to yield incredible change. We can make PA the second state to have safe staffing ratios.

That’s why I’m asking you to add your name to this petition, and send this message to your state legislator:

Patient care in Pennsylvania is in crisis. With less nurses, less ancillary staff, more patients, sicker patients, more paperwork, and record-high levels of burnout and turnover – now more than ever, it is impossible for nurses to provide quality care.

It’s not safe for our patients, and we’re not ready to risk our licences, or your loved ones’ lives.

I want my legislator to recognize this crisis, support laws for safe staffing ratios (HB 1500/SB 214) and transparency (HB 833/SB 336), and give nurses & patients the respect we deserve.


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