Nurses Week Legislator Drop-By Visits

Over the last two months, over 150 nurses visited over 60 legislators to ask them to co-sponsor safe ratio laws for patient safety by Nurses Week (May 6-12). This Nurses Week, nurses are planning to visit their office (to follow up, or for a first meeting) and ask them where they stand.

1. Find your legislator’s local office and pick a time in Nurses Week (May 6-12) to visit.

First thing to do is to pick a time and place! Find your state representative and senator here. Use this map to see if anyone else is already going. If they aren’t, pick a time/place yourself and email Amber at to let us know, so we can add it for you (you’ll be surprised how many will join you!).

2. Invite other nurses to go with you.

Most legislators will only support safe ratio laws if they know that lots of nurses in their districts want them to. Pick up the phone and invite people you know. Ask for a list of other nurses who signed the petition in the district by emailing and invite them to join you.

3. Bring these materials with you.

Print out and bring this two-page sheet for legislators with the detail on the safe ratio laws, and this two-page sheet summarizing the research supporting them. Bring two large “speech bubble” signs (print the legislator sign here and nurse sign here or we’ll mail you some). Bring a camera phone!

4. Use the speech bubble signs to ask them to ‘go on the record’ supporting safe ratios.

The legislator’s staff will be there even if the legislator is not in person. We need legislators to be public in their positions, if we’re going to get this bill moving. Share why safe ratios saves lives, and ask them their position. When you get a photo: use the nurses’ speech bubble to share why safe ratios saves lives, and the legislator’s speech bubble to share their answer.

5. Share the photo online and contact local media outlets before and after your visit.

Your photo captures what nurses need to know about this legislator’s position on safe ratios! Send the photo to so we can share it, and share on your Facebook too. You can also use this template media release to contact your local media outlets after the visit, and send them the photo – to let nurses and patients know!